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Death of children due to malnutrition is a curse

23rd October, Lucknow:
Swati Tyagi:

India has major problem of hunger which has caused large scale child malnutrition.The global hunger index report of Washington based International Food Policy Research Institute (IFPRI) ranks India at 100 out 119 countries three notches down from 97 last year. India’s rank of 100 in lower than even its poorer neighbour such as Nepal (72), Bangladesh(88), Srilanka (84) and Myanmar (77). China has a far higher rank of 29 . In South Asia, only Pakistan is lower than India at 106.

Lower ranking of India in hunger survey is a very serious problem. It means how many children’s are taking sleep without eating good quality food or even without food. As we all know that children are our future if we are all not able to provide to our children’s is very shameful for us. Many schemes in India running to provide food to children’s like mid day meal. I think this is the good step taking government to provide food and education both to the children But corruption is founded their too much amount and the result is that scheme is not running in proper way and the scheme is fail which make failure our children’s future. I always think those people who doesn’t gives their loyalty in running children’s scheme is they have really got heart or soul in their bodies or not.

We are all always talking about that only government is responsible for helping those people by making good policies. I agree government is necessary part of our society But you don’t think that we are all responsible to our society and our children. Government has opened a food bank in which common people deposit only some amount of cooked food on daily bases as their wishes may be one meal or two meal food it’s your choice. But unfortunately people doesn’t deposit much amount of food. Suppose in one building 25 families are staying if each family deposit only one meal food it will became large food . It helps lot of small children’s which is our future..

People say we pay taxes for these types of services yes I am agree that we all the people pay taxes for helping of those people or many other issues in our country. But you all don’t think at least one time that we are all human being and our first duty is to protect nature. We are all responsible to help those children’s who unfortunately has got no money to survive .

Let’s have a look some key facts on malnutrition. We should know that 1 in 4 children never get their nutrition. 38.4% children are underweight. 3000 children die everyday in India just because of proper nutrition. Govt. should make some policies where all the children and women must get their proper nutrition in India. Women are also suffering from aneamia just because of lack of nutrition. So when a mother is suffering then how can she develop her child? Definitely, deficiencies of nutrition is harmful for both society and individuals. Now, where we are talking about Digital India then this problem must be solved as soon as possible through helping and co-operation with each other. These are the best policies among all.


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